The ability to access and recover data is important for businesses of all sizes. Data backup vs. archive are two ways you can accomplish this, but how do you know which your company should be using?

"Our new email archiving solution implemented by SR Cloud Solutions allows us to stay compliant with the regulations and affords us real peace of mind."
Simon langford
Avalon Capital Markets

Email Backup vs Email Archiving

Email backups are designed to facilitate the quick recovery of email files that may not be readily available due to an unexpected data loss. Data loss can include; accidental deletion of critical email files, a ransomware attack or losing access to emails due to accident, theft, or sabotage. With email backup, users can typically select a point in time and restore a copy of any email or a group of emails from a specific backup snapshot. With the popularity of Office 365, more and more businesses are utilising SaaS based email backups performed in the cloud. The cloud is generally faster, cheaper, and more scalable to meet the changing needs of businesses. 

An email archiving solution is designed to provide ongoing, rapid access to decades of business information (email files, attachments, calendars and tasks). For many companies in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare or legal services, email archiving is required by law because it provides specialised tools for making email records tamper-proof, searchable and retrievable in the event of an audit, HR inquiry or lawsuit. Email archiving works by capturing emails at the point of delivery whether that be inbound or outbound and includes many more features than traditional email backup, such as: Envelope journaling, advanced search, legal hold, eDiscovery, audit trail, customisable retention periods, and unlimited retention.  

Datto bAckupify - Saas backup solution

Whether you need to secure your cloud data to meet standards and regulations or want to prepare your business in case of data loss or a ransomware attack, SaaS backup reduces risk and avoids a devastating IT crisis.

Datto Backupify provides full Office 365 Backup & Recovery including Exchange Online, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online. Datto Backupify can also backup other propular SaaS apps such as GSuite, and SalesForce. 

Robust, Automated Backup

Set and Forget your Office 365 backup to save your team time. Data loss can happen for many reasons, but in IT you know that human error, cyber attacks, and keeping up with new compliance measures can cost you valuable time and resources. Protect your company data efficiently and offload day-to-day processes management with Backupify.

  • Automatic backups 3x a day that capture point-in-time snapshots of each users’ Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Calendar and Contacts
  • New user detection and automatic archiving of departing employees for seamless user lifecycle management and dramatic licensing cost savings
  • Intelligent API throttling for requests means Backupify can protect TBs of data with incredible speed
  • Cloud managed UI means no on-prem infrastructure is necessary and admins can check-in on backup status anytime, anywhere
  • Setup takes only 5 minutes

Easy Recovery

Go beyond Microsoft’s native recovery capabilities. Save time and eliminate stress with an Office 365 backup solution that makes it easy to locate and restore the files and folders you need, fast.

  • Recovery that just works – we restore fast with just a few clicks. “Restore guarantees” can sometimes mean waiting a week for your data.
  • Fast and granular restore function to recover lost files and folders directly to a user’s account or download them directly to your computer or device
  • Robust search parameters across all users to zero in on emails, contacts, files, and entire folders that you need
  • Full Service Restore with files and folders with folder structure intact
  • Unlimited storage option means that your data will be protected as you grow no matter how much data your users generate

Compliance Made Simple

Your data deserves more than industry standard security. Go above and beyond industry standards to make sure your Office 365 data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected.

  • SOC 2 Type II audited
  • Supports HIPAA compliance needs
  • Data encryption both at rest and in transit
  • Data controls and monitoring tools, including audit logs, uptime and availability SLAs, and export capabilities

To setup a free trial of Backupify or to discuss your requirements further with an expert, please call us on 020 3603 9960 or use our Live Chat to get fast expert help and advice online now.

Proofpoint enterprise email archiving solution

Legal and compliance pressures are evolving in the face of today’s data growth. That’s why you need a new approach to your data archiving challenges. Enterprise Archive is a proven, next-generation data archiving software that leverages cloud intelligence for deep insight into your data to reduce cost, complexity and risk.

With an architecture built to leverage the cloud, Proofpoint can help IT teams quickly and securely deliver value back to the business. Avoid the headaches of managing your data or email archive in-house. Easily manage data growth. And meet today’s demands for email availability, retention, and retrieval.

With Email Archiving, you get:

  • Simplified maintenance; total cost of ownership is 40-60% less than legacy solutions
  • No infrastructure to buy or maintain
  • Ability to eliminate Outlook PST files to improve discovery and reduce risk
  • Limitless storage and reliably fast performance
  • Easy, self-service access for end users

Simplify E-Discovery

Meet your e-discovery obligations quickly, cost-effectively, and defensibly. Proofpoint’s fully automated data archiving solution helps you collect, preserve, discover, and manage the disposition of information. It works across the industry’s broadest collection of electronically stored information (ESI) sources. That includes email, enterprise collaboration data, and social-media data. With Proofpoint’s advanced e-discovery features, you can expedite early case assessments, empower your legal team, and achieve proactive litigation readiness.

With Information Archiving, you get:

  • Guaranteed search results in seconds
  • Self-service control for legal teams to minimise IT burden
  • Centrally managed search, review and legal-hold activity across all content
  • Exports that include only responsive matter to help you control third-party costs
  • In-house litigation readiness far beyond what Microsoft O365 can provide
  • Efficient first-pass cull, review and optional predictive coding
  • Optional e-discovery visualisation and analytics to enable a smarter case strategy

Streamline Compliance and Supervision

Proofpoint makes compliance simple for even the most highly complex and regulated organisations. With Information Archiving, you can easily create and enforce retention policies. You also maintain the flexibility to easily adapt as your business grows and regulatory requirements evolve. Supervision, comprehensive reporting, and compliance workflows help mitigate risks under audit scrutiny. 

Information Archiving offers:

  • Policy-driven retention into a central repository across all content
  • Automated enforcement of retention policy
  • Compliant capture, storage and access
  • Data residency control with data centres located around the world
  • Uncompromised protection and encryption with optional DoubleBlind™ Key Architecture
  • An Intelligent Supervision option that simplifies workflow, review and reporting



Datto Backupify - SaaS Backup Solution

Datto Backupify is an innovative cloud-to-cloud total data protection solution SaaS (software as a service) applications. With its revolutionary way to secure data transferred from a cloud-hosted database to another, more than two million business customers have chosen Datto Backupify to protect their SaaS data. Backupify can be used to backup popular SaaS applications such as Office 365, GSuite, and Salesforce

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Proofpoint Enteprise Archiving

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is a next generation archiving solution that addresses three key challenges - legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and end user email access - without the headaches of managing archiving in-house. Built with an architecture explicitly designed to leverage the cloud, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is up-and-running in days and delivers low, predictable lifetime cost

Professional Services

SR's Professional Services Team can assist your business with the setup of your chosen email backup/archive solution at competitive rates


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