IT infrastructure audits

Ensuring your IT Infrastructure is suitable for your business is a vital component of ensuring up-time.

"We used SR Cloud Solutions to audit our public cloud infrastructure, their audit report was thorough, with some excellent suggestions to save us money and enhance security & monitoring"
Tom rahman
Workspace Group PLC

IT Infrastructure audits

The technology we use has become a vital part of how we do business in the modern world. Whether your business operates predominantly online or has a site, or even multiple sites, which it operates from, your IT infrastructure plays an important role in its success. With the hardware, software and third party services that our infrastructures rely on continuously evolving, ensuring that your IT system is operating as efficiently and effectively as it can is essential.

An IT audit is to evaluate the system’s internal design and effectiveness against relevant standards and best practices. This includes but is not limited to, design, implementation, performance, efficiency, security protocols and IT governance or oversight. Installing controls are necessary but not sufficient to provide adequate security. Periodic review of the infrastructure and the processes is mandatory to ensure compliance to these controls.

SR Cloud Solutions, in its role as an IT infrastructure consulting company has been responsible for building out and upgrading number of information technology infrastructure projects for its clients in the UK and Overseas. Our IT consulting staff is specially trained for assessment of network, data centre, compute, storage and security solutions.


Our infrastructure audits provide a comprehensive health check for your IT hardware, software, services and wider network. In addition to considering the age and capabilities of the technology that currently forms part of your infrastructure, we also recommend improvements and fixes that will deliver complete solutions for your company and its IT needs, extend the life of your equipment and decrease the total cost of ownership.

Ensuring your success

Unlike many infrastructure audit providers, our specialist service isn’t about creating new sales opportunities. We offer impartial, transparent and honest advice that will help you lay the right foundations for your future success and impending growth. Our experienced consultants don’t deliver a ‘one size fits all’ approach, each audit we undertake is as unique as the last and completed in accordance to your exclusive requirements.

Our infrastructure audits deliver proven results and benefits, helping clients understand their systems, solve performance issues, reduce IT support related problems, boost security, and deliver a substantial ROI.


Network Design & Performance

Audit and evaluate existing LAN/WAN network design against best practice, and covers key areas such as resilience, security, and performance.

Security Solutions & Policies

Evaluate security controls and policies that exist within the organisation and evaluate this against industry best practice.


Audit and evaluate existing use of technology to ensure it meets the business objectives or recommend an alternate IT technology road map that improves security, efficiency, and lowers TCO and delivers ROI

Data centre Design & Performance

Audit and evaluate existing data centre infrastructure design meets performance and resiliency criteria, and is scalable to meet the future needs of the business.


Private/Public Cloud IaaS

Audit and evaluate Public/Private IaaS and evaluate implementation based on best practice, make recommendations so that client can achieve efficient ROI, security, performance, and resiliency,


Operational and Maintenance Processes

SR Cloud Solutions can audit and evaluate existing IT operational service delivery and maintenance processes are in line with industry standards such as ITIL.


If you want to proactively review and reduce your risks around the use of IT and demonstrate compliance with standards and confirm to industry best practice then please contact us today for a free initial consultation