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5th May 2016

Our Cloud Partners

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The World's Only Modular Cloud-Managed Infrastructure

Everything is included.

The Cloudistics platform is a complete on-premises cloud solution. With Cloudistics, network, storage, compute resources, and cloud controller work seamlessly to bring the cloud on-premises in a fraction of the time and at a third of the cost of the public cloud.

Everything is included, all software and all hardware to run your cloud — its easy to add your applications and go. Create your own application templates or download pre-configured ones for quick and simple deployments of your most complex applications.

Cloudistics Partner


Modular design, Pay as you grow.

Cloudistics can scale network, compute and storage resources independently as your application demands change in real time and without downtime, saving you time and money. The Cloudistics native elastic block storage is optimized for high-speed applications.

Each 2U storage block supports 200,000 IOPS with 150 microsecond latency. And multiple storage blocks can be federated into larger flash pools to scale performance linearly. High availability, snapshots and disaster recovery are built in, assuring maximum reliability.

Cloud managed.

What used to live in multiple management IT silos can now be managed centrally through the cloud with the free Ignite cloud console. Whether you are deploying a single site or across multiple sites, Ignite is powerful enough to meet the demands of IT professionals while easy enough for someone with little infrastructure management experience. And the price? It’s free: every piece of Cloudistics hardware includes a perpetual Ignite license.

Through the Ignite cloud controller, you can control the entire infrastructure from a single, simple to use pane of glass. Manage everything—networking, storage, compute and virtualization all controlled from a single console.


Network simplified.

With Cloudistics, you can deploy applications in a secure and micro-segmented virtual network with just a click— no need for manual, error-prone manipulation of switch, VLANs, MAC/IP tables, ports, VTEPs or firewall configurations. Cloudistics virtual networking makes networks as easy to manage as compute and storage, leading to true datacenter agility.

Each network can be named and supports network function virtualization services such as firewalls, load balancing, NAT and DHCP. And the virtual network works as fast as the real network with no performance loss –you can create 100 Gb/s virtual networks from 100 Gb/s physical networks!

Revolutionary TCO.

The Cloudistics platform is a fraction of the cost of the public cloud or hyperconverged solutions. Designed from the ground up to fit even the tightest budget, along with an integrated cloud controller that’s completely free, Cloudistics is the obvious choice for cost-sensitive deployments. But don’t let the low price fool you: Cloudistics exceeds the performance of other solutions costing 10x more.

For more information on how Cloudistics could work for your business and to discuss your specific requirements, please  or call 02036039960

Cloudistics TCO


Datto Premier Partner - SR Cloud Solutions Ltd 

Hybrid Cloud Backup and Business Continuity Solution 

Let SR Cloud Solutions Ltd handle your Business Backups and Disaster Recovery

Advanced Backup Technologies

Keep your business data protected. Datto's state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure can protect your business from downtime, even if your physical hardware has been destroyed. If your business relies on data in the cloud, Datto can protect your critical information from the most likely form of loss: humans. Accidental deletions, ex-employees, even malicious activity — Datto backs up, protects and allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so business can return to normal.

Datto's Instant Virtualisation technology virtualises systems either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud — within seconds. Businesses can operate as usual, and have the time and resources to fix server issues without compromising any data, or incurring any downtime. No matter the technology, backups can go wrong and with Datto's Screenshot Backup Verification, you can sleep soundly knowing every backup has been tested and verified. Datto is able to not only check the integrity of a backup, but actually creates a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster.

For more information on how Datto could work for your business and to discuss your specific requirements, please  or call 02036039960


SR Cloud Solutions Ltd

Compete at Your Peak with A Powerful SD-WAN Solution

SR Cloud Solutions SD-WAN Silver Peak Partner

An Integrated Solution

Silver Peak is the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, serving more than 2,000 customers around the world.

Businesses with a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution lower costs, gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport.

Unlike other vendors, Silver Peak offers you a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage. The Silver Peak SD-WAN solution can be deployed in remote offices, branches, regional hubs, data centers or in the cloud. 

For more information on how Silver Peak could work for your business and to discuss your specific requirements, please  or call 02036039960

Advanced Web Security

Menlo eliminates the risk of web-borne malware


Web Isolation Service

The Menlo Security Web Isolation Service protects enterprises from cyber attacks by isolating and executing all web content in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, away from the endpoint, eliminating malware before it can reach user devices.

Execution of all content—including Java, Flash and other common sources of malware—occurs in the Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP). Only malware-free rendering information is sent to the native browser on the user’s endpoint, without any client software or plug-ins, so users enjoy a seamless and transparent experience with no perceivable latency. 

In addition to supporting policies and reporting based on web site content categories (e.g., entertainment, gaming, social media, news, etc.), the Web Isolation Service provides a unique real-time fingerprinting function that identifies web sites running vulnerable software that could be compromised and serve zero-day malware. Administrators can set policies to isolate vulnerable sites, enabling broad access to the Web while greatly reducing the risk of malware attacks.

Beneftis of Menlo web isolation include no client software or plugins, transparent user experience, no false positives or false negatives, reduces administrative burden of handling web security policy exceptions, works with any user device, OS and browser, available as SaaS or software deployed in the data center, and integrates easily with existing web security gateways. 

For more information on how Menlo Security could work for your business and to discuss your specific requirements, please  or call 02036039960 

The secure internet and web gateway delivered as a service

For more information on how Zscaler could work for your business and to discuss your specific requirements, please  or call 02036039960