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Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) represents a simplified, cost-effective, and flexible alternative to traditional WAN solutions, improving the performance of applications both on-premises and in the cloud.

SR Cloud Solutions is an authorised Silver Peak, Cisco Meraki, Riverbed, and Citrix SD-WAN Provider, offering our business customers access to market leading technologies with expert delivery.

"SD-WAN has saved us a time and money at some of our remote sites as opposed to implementing an MPLS, we are impressed with the ease of deployment, management and additional features that make this a great solution"
Dave smith
IT Operations Manager - NHS



For large retail and manufacturing companies, connecting geographically disparate branches or offices can hit IT budgets hard. MPLS lines – considered a dependable staple of network connectivity – are expensive and risk creating an uncomfortable ‘price vs performance’ ultimatum. SD-WAN reduces reliance on expensive lines, while maintaining overall network performance. 

Enterprises can effectively leverage all available network connections to their full capacity, facilitating the best performance of critical applications and helping to prevent costs associated with lost productivity. Additionally, backup connections frequently employed in WAN environments but rarely used, adding to the overall network cost, can often be fully utilised within an SD-WAN environment.



2. improved provisioning times

Though enterprises enjoy increased agility and revenue in many aspects of IT, the challenges of provisioning new branch office networks continues to threaten timely progress. An SD-WAN solution enables enterprises to use less expensive and more quickly deployed broadband circuits as opposed to purchasing additional lines when scaling-up resources. This means that a new office or branch can be provisioned almost instantly. Due to the simplified configuration, orchestration, and rapid provisioning of an SD-WAN solution, Gartner estimates there is a 50-80% reduction in the time it takes to provision network changes at branches.


3. Enhanced Branch Uptime

In the past, making changes to network configurations in branch offices would require manual configurations being created and installed and, likely, an on-premises technician employed to perform the changes. And for many businesses, this is still how things are done today. But it’s expensive and time-consuming, and the undisputed number one cause of network outages is human error.SD-WAN allows for the rapid deployment of WAN services (bandwidth and firewall) without the need for IT personnel. 

SD-WAN configurations are simpler to deploy than their traditional WAN counterparts, and the availability of zero-touch provisioning – a key benefit of SD-WAN networking – reduces manual configuration of devices altogether. With SD-WAN, bandwidth can be easily added or reduced as business requirements evolve, providing organisations with the agility they need to stay ahead of competitors. However, it is worth noting that market adoption has yet to sufficiently scale to fully accommodate these outcomes.


4. ENHANCED Security

Ensuring the well-being of an enterprise’s network is becoming increasingly difficult. Users are demanding access to applications and data beyond the traditional security perimeter, the cyber-crime environment is becoming increasingly hostile, and there are more endpoints to protect than ever before. According to the International Data Corporation, global spending on
security hardware, software and services will top $103 billion in 2019, up 9.4 percent from 2018, with large enterprises spending the most. In 2022, IDC forecasts security-related spending will be $133.8 billion.

While traditional WAN solutions handle security through multiple appliances at each branch office, SD-WAN has inbuilt security protocols. SD-WAN solutions have built-in encryption capabilities, ensuring that only authorized users are able to access and view assets connected to the corporate network. SD-WAN also facilitates granular control and enables companies to create policies to inform the network how certain types of traffic should be treated, keeping high-risk traffic from ever entering the network in the first place.

5. Higher Quality Transfer

As IT environments grow more complex, network performance is becoming increasingly critical for the effective handling of latency-sensitive and mission-critical workloads. Not all applications need the same levels of service from the network. Some can get by quite happily without taxing it, but others require high performance, high reliability, and high quality in order to deliver the expected user experience.

An SD-WAN solution supports dynamic path selection, meaning the SD-WAN controller can select the most appropriate path for specific application traffic. This ensures congestion points are spotted quickly and traffic is diverted along alternative less-utilised routes. The result is optimised load balancing and congestion management, so high-quality data transfer is maintained.




SD-WAN Design & Setup

We will first start by analyzing your business requirements and apply the necessary SD-WAN overlay policies in terms of routing, security, and application delivery that best suit your business

SD-WAN Management

We can fully manage the SD-WAN solution on your behalf taking care of circuit delivery through our connectivity partners, site provisioning of SD-WAN solution and support

SD-WAN Remediation

Issue tracking, root cause analysis, problem resolution, troubleshooting can be outsourced to us, so you can rest assured that your SD-WAN is being managed and monitored by the experts


SD-WAN Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring of all SD-WAN endpoints, including management and response to alerts and notifications

SD-WAN Optimisation

We will optimise your SD-WAN solution to ensure applications run optimally and enable zero touch provisioning saving further on service delivery costs

SD-WAN Security

Enable advanced security technologies to monitor and secure your SD-WAN environment. For e.g. if you utilise an existing MPLS network you could save on bandwidth costs and utilise an SD-WAN solution to offload the bandwidth requirements for internet by using less expensive connectivity options such as broadband but still apply the same security policies for traffic heading towards the internet or cloud applications with the added benefit of centralised orchestration, management and monitoring


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