Backup is a full-time job that is too time consuming for the experts, and too technical for the layman. No-one ever gets promoted when it works, but it only takes one failed restore for heads to roll. Every day, our engineers monitor your backups and proactively resolve any issues to make sure that when you need them, the backups are ready.

We offer market leading Backup as a Service (Fully Managed), Hybrid Cloud Backup Solutions (On-premise and in Cloud), and Software as a Service (SaaS) Backup technologies that are reliable and industry proven. Our UK based support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

"One of clients SQL database servers had corrupted but SR Cloud Solutions were able to recover it within a matter of minutes, impressive."
Ian lord
Application Analyst - Timeslice

Backup as a Service Planning Steps

The ability to recover any data, at any time, at a minimal cost and with no disruption to the business, requires planning, expertise and continual monitoring. It is service, not technology, that ensures reliable, cost-effective backup. Fundamentally, BaaS is made up of management and technical processes, undertaken on your behalf by our technical team. Here are those processes.


The way you back up your data matters. Scheduling, retention, exclusion and deletion all have an impact on your IT environment and your ability to recover from disaster cost effectively and non-disruptively. Our consultants design a plan tailored to your unique needs such as RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives) and RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) as well as retention policies.

We guarantee at least 99.9% availability of the backup and restore functionality with our managed SR backup service. If we do not achieve and maintain the Service Levels for each Service as described in this SLA, then you may be eligible for a credit towards a portion of your monthly service fees.




We monitor your backups every day and report on the completion, status and health of your backup sets. We detail any errors per individual backup set and proactively resolve any individual issues.  Our consultants use our proprietary backup service desk software to analyse your backup volumes and deliver actionable intelligence from the results.

Ranking, for instance, the top ten servers and backup sets by size (according to stored, protected or total number of files) is as easy as asking. This granularity enables us to manage your costs and always ensure the correct data is being protected.


We continually review to ensure your BaaS is growing and changing with your organisation, and not in spite of it. All Incidents, Service Requests and Changes are confirmed with pre-approved authenticators before execution, and logged with our service desk. 

SR Cloud Solutions adheres to its own ITIL-aligned Change Management process, but we also observe and align with your Change Control policies at the points of interface for a seamless service.

Support For Application Specific Backups

Managed backup as a service SUMMARY

BaaS Design & Setup

Our experienced BaaS consultants will design and setup the right solution to fit your business needs.

BaaS Management

We will manage your BaaS environment by ensuring all agents are to date and notify you of any issues as they occur.


BaaS Monitoring

24x7x365 proactive monitoring of all backups is included as part of the service including email alerts to ensure you are aware of any issues as they are encountered.

BaaS Quarterly Review

Our account managers will meet with you to discuss ways to reduce costs by reviewing all backups and advise if data should be archived to long term storage options

BaaS Support

Access to experienced engineers to assist in troubleshooting or recovering data and applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, or SharePoint.

BaaS Reporting

We offer full reporting capabilities with a breakdown of backup sets.


Get a Backup as a Service that fits your business, backed up by leading, UK based technical support and expertise. Speak to one of our BaaS experts today.