PUBLIC Cloud Connectivity

Secure, private connectivity directly into the major public cloud providers backed by a 99.9% SLA

"The install of Azure Express Route to our main London Data Centre was fully managed by SR Cloud Solutions, it was seamless and efficient"
IT Operations Manager - NHS

Private, high performance connectivity to the public cloud

We provide secure, private connectivity directly into the major public cloud providers, so that our customers can get the best possible performance, stability and cost for their cloud-based workloads.

As adoption of cloud services increases, it is becoming increasingly important to have an appropriate network strategy. This should include fast, secure and reliable connectivity directly into the cloud platforms where your data and applications are hosted. Cloud connectivity through SR Cloud Solutions is the best and most cost-effective way to achieve this. 

Choice of Market leading cloud suppliers

We offer secure, private connections to the major cloud services providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Our range of solutions enable customers to pay only for the bandwidth that they consume, with the ability to scale their commitment up and down at short notice.

This flexibility, combined with our technical expertise and our resilient backbone, provides our clients with greater business agility, and the peace of mind that their dependency on the cloud is mitigated by eliminating the network as a potential ‘single point of failure’.  Our solutions are not only highly flexible; they are also backed by industry leading service levels and a highly responsive team with a 99.99% SLA. 

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Our Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that provides seamless, on-demand, private connections to many clouds and many networks from locations across the UK and rest of the world. It makes the process of connecting to major cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as fast and flexible as the cloud itself.

Our Cloud Exchange combines automated interconnection with advanced service orchestration to create fast, flexible, direct connections to multiple cloud services simultaneously—the type of connections needed for companies to build and scale hybrid clouds on demand. 

Service Level Agreement
UK Support Team 99.99%

CLOUD connectivity BENEFITS


Secure Private Network

Your traffic will be safely isolated to protect it against security threats, and will pass through our ISO:27001 compliant core network.

Low Latency

Route your traffic efficiently over virtual private circuits to avoid the latency incurred through exposure to the public internet.

99.99% SLA

UK based support team with 3rd Line Engineers offering a guaranteed SLA of 99.9%

Guaranteed Bandwidth Speeds

Uncontended bandwidth will ensure you get the performance that you need, with no throttling or degradation during peak hours.

Increase Business Agility

Put the infrastructure in place to enable your business to migrate workloads and data easily between locations, platforms or clouds.

Scale Your Bandwidth

Scale your cloud connectivity up or down on demand as your requirements change, ensuring your business always has the bandwidth it needs.


Get a cloud connection that fits your business, backed up by leading, UK based technical support and expertise. Speak to one of our connectivity experts today.