Get a data centre connection that fits your business, backed up by leading, UK based technical support and expertise offering a 99.9% SLA

"SR Cloud Solutions setup one of our data centre interconnects from central London to one of our West London data centres, SR were very professional and the whole project went very smoothly"
IT Operations Manager - NHS

We run a UK wide fibre network connecting data centres across the country

SR Cloud Solutions gives UK businesses more than a simple Internet connection. We can purpose build complex, carrier-grade systems to your specifications, offering an unusually broad range of access options. What’s more, our high-capacity services can be linked directly to any co-location centres, giving you super-fast access to your stored data. Most importantly, all our services are cloud ready, so when the time is right, you can take advantage of cloud storage and retrieval. Our engineers are business savvy, used to dealing with corporate IT departments, and creative in providing the best connected services for you.


Our services are delivered at between 10Mbps and 10Gbps and are designed to offer low latency bandwidth between data centres. This makes it ideal for SAN replication. We have a vast national and international network interconnecting many data centres around the world.

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Getting fast private access to your data centre via a dedicated connection will ensure that your critical business applications are readily available at all times. We offer a range of national and international access connections from dedicated ADSL lines to private fibre circuits.

Service Level Agreement
UK Support Team 99.99%

DATA CENTRE connectivity

Tier 1 Full IP Transit

We select the best possible route (lowest latency, shortest path) from the top Tier-1 providers globally and our extensive mix of peering arrangements. Our network offers total diversity and resilience ensuring 100% uptime. 24×7 monitoring and online statistics with flexibility to increase bandwidth on demand.


As we work with multiple upstream providers, we offer multi-homed IP which takes a number of tier 1 routes to the internet. This offers an enhanced degree of resilience because you are not reliant on a single provider’s network.

99.99% SLA

Pro-active UK based support team with 3rd Line Engineers offering a guaranteed SLA of 99.9% and 24×7 monitoring and online statistics.

Ethernet Circuits – 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Ethernet connectivity is delivered over fibre cables. It provides the best service level guarantees and can be upgraded easily.

Partial IP Transit

Perfect for customers running a BGP network that want to make some cost savings on their transit bills. We will provide customers with routes we receive from our extensive mix of peering arrangements (Internet Exchanges + private agreements), as well as our own routes at a fraction of the cost of traditional / full IP Transit. These routes include the majority of UK Businesses, UK Broadband Networks, and multiple European routes gained through European Exchanges.

Professional Services

SR Team can assist with your data centre circuit design and install, this can include resilient circuit design and implementation at competitive rates


Get a Data Centre connection that fits your business, backed up by leading, UK based technical support and expertise. Speak to one of our connectivity experts today.